Download the manual (PDF)

Contains exact details about how QIOS Pelican works and how you can use it. This manual is also contained in the QIOS Pelican setup.

HTML mail and Microsoft Outlook

If you are using HTML mail you should be aware of the lack of full HTML support since Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Although your design in preview looks nice and will look nice in all kind of e-mail programs, be aware that Outlook 2007 is able to make a mess of your design.

Check the link below for the real HTML / CSS parsing and rendering capabilities in Outlook. Don't forget to check the discussion and complaints you will find at the end of the page.

Some guidelines for a proper mailing

When sending e-mail with QIOS Pelican, or sending mass e-mail in general, you are advised to follow these guidelines:

  • Put a descriptive text in the subject line about the content of the e-mail
  • Tell clearly who is the sender of the e-mail
  • Explain in which context the recipient is receiving your e-mail (member of, registered user of, etc.); do not send e-mail to people who did not explicitly have chosen to receive such messages from you
  • Provide a usable reply address
  • Provide the recipient with an easy way to unsubscribe or opt-out. QIOS Pelican supports the list-unsubscribe header.

We believe that following these guidelines will make your message more friendly and effective.

  • Additional bulk senders guidelines can be found here